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Haiti’s Children

The mission of Haiti’s Children, Inc. is to develop, educate and feed the children in the remotest areas of Haiti, helping them grow in mind, body and spirit; providing hope and a better life.

Trinity offers mission trips for college and high school students, working adults and families. Get out into the world!
You can help make a huge impact in the lives of a person close to home or far away in a completely different culture or among people who still haven’t heard the name of Jesus. 
Mission trips are a great personal journey as well as an important necessity to the communities of other countries where people are in great need. Mission trips are volunteer trips taken to help people in other countries, usually developing countries, in a city that is impoverished.   
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Haiti’s Children, Inc.

Gladys Mungo is the founder of Haiti’s Children, Inc. She is originally from Chicago and has lived in Haiti since 2008. 
In 2002, Gladys began working in Haiti organizing, raising funds and staffing ongoing mission teams. Food, medical treatment and education were provided for an impoverished and remote village, Basin Caiman, on Haiti’s southern coast. 
Gladys still leads mission teams in Haiti who teach and work alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters.
Gladys Mungo

Haiti’s Children, Inc. – Gladys Mungo

Gladys Mungo has been serving in Haiti since 2002. 
If the Holy Spirit has touched your heart and you are thinking about organizing a mission team, please contact Gladys.



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