A New Season of Ministry

We would love to help answer the questions you have about the seach process and our church community.

email our Council President - Lisa Beatty at    lbeatty@wishcom.net


The Search Process...

We’re prayerfully entering the process of searching for a new Senior Pastor, and our Call Committee is an integral part of this process. The team is composed of a diverse group of volunteers and members of our Council who are deeply committed to our church family. Vanderbloemen was hired and the process has started with a survey that the congregation recently filled out. 


Vanderbloemen is :

- A Christian executive search organization with the largest church database of over 85,000 candidates

- Call committee and Council met in person with our consultant in mid September to develop a search profile that Vanderbloemen will use to find our candidates

- Their staff has more seminary and theological experience than any other search firm with 200+ collective years of church leadership

- Vanderbloemen believes in their hiring process so much that they actually guarantee it for 2 years

-Per their website: "We’ve worked with 50+ denominations across the theological spectrum, and there is no Christian organization too small or too big for us.  

We love the “big C” Church and believe that it deserves the very best. Serving the Kingdom is the heartbeat of our organization and what drives our work each day. Our desire is to provide comprehensive people solutions to the Church so that it can fulfill its greatest potential here on Earth."


The steps:

1.  Vanderbloemen announces the open position, leverages their network, and contacts potential candidates to apply.

2.  All candidates apply for the role through Vanderbloemen.

3. Vanderbloemen interviews applicants and approves viable candidates for Trinity’s Call Committee to review.

4. Trinity's Call Committee reviews candidates and conducts thorough interviews to narrow their selection to 2-3 candidates.

5. These candidates are presented to the Council  for approval then to be voted on my the voting members of the congregation.

6. The Senior Pastor will be called by the Council President after the Council has ascertained the support of the membership of the church.

7. If the Council does not call the Senior Pastor candidate, the process will start over with new candidates from Vanderbloemen.(Vanderbloemen will gather our feedback to determine why the canidate was not approved and use that input to complete another round of vetted candidates.  This process will continue until Trinity finds a match.)


The meeting schedule: 

November 2:  

Zoom meeting with consultant, Rick Callahan

Mid-point check-in meeting to discuss interest in the position


November 6:

Congregational meeting - Question & answer session about our process


December 5:

Presentation of candidates to the Call Committee

  • As of this meeting: 

Four potential candidates' resumes were presented to the call committee

Each candidate presented a 5 minute pre-recorded video talk to the call committee introducing self and background

The Call committee reviewed clips of sermons from each candidate

Next steps will be a zoom call to each candidate to "get to know them" and talk with them via zoom. 


Four Canidates were interviewed on December 20.


January 29, 2023  a Congregational meeting was held after the 10:30 am worship service.  The call committee had an update on the Pastoral search.  

  • Interviews were conducted and selection was narrowed down to two canidates. Further interviews will be conducted along with an in-person interview.  If council approves of canidate there will be a meet and greet, as well as, a sermon presented by the canidate.  Members* of the congregation will have final vote on acceptance  of canidate.  Voting members are described in the Constitution and Bylaws of the church.  

If you have further questions about the process please contact our Council member Lisa Beatty at lbeatty@wishcom.net




Pastor Search Candidates

Vanderbloemen Search Group is an executive search firm that helps faith-based organizations build great teams through staffing and consulting. Trinity is pleased to work alongside one of the nation’s largest search firms, and Vanderbloemen Search Group is committed to helping find the next Lead Pastor. You can learn more about the job posting by clicking the button below:

Call Committee 

Lisa Beatty, Danielle Princivalli, Kevin Volden, Arnie Markwald, Aryn Skilling



  1. Founded in 1947 with a small group of family and friends under Rev. Albert Lorenz serving as the organizing pastor. 
  2. Gathered in a small garage on Juneau Rd and started a Sunday School program in 1949 
  3. By 1952 Lots were purchased on the corner of Clover Rd and Grove Rd
  4.  1954 the church purchased two-story building and moved it to those grounds.  
  5. In May of 1955 Kenneth  Engel was called and installed as the first Pastor at Trinity. 
  6. In 1977 the Rev. Donald Behrendt became the first full-time pastor in Trinity's history. 
  7. Due to exponential growth, we started a building construction project in Summer of 1984 under the direction of Rev. Brian Metke. 
  8. In 1999 Trinity purchased 23 acres at the intersection of Pell Lake and Hwy 12 - the current location.  Two years after this purchase construction started and the first service was on Dec. 15th.
  9. In 2020 construction of a 1/2 court gymnasium and community center was completed.  Now Trinity serves the community through a wonderful Awana and Youth Program, Community dance recitals and shows, a food pantry program and miscellaneous outreach programs.